Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little peace of Italian heaven

…. in downtown Bangor, ME. I had heard that Massimos, the fabulous Italian eatery in downtown Bangor, had opened an accompanying bakery selling their fresh, crusty woodstove oven breads. Yesterday I finally made it to downtown Bangor (not sure why I don’t do this more often, with Giacomo outdoor patio serving wine, the newly opened Rock Shop, and beautiful Bella Luna and Blue Herron shops), and asked about the location of the bakery. It is just a few houses (hill-) up from the restaurant. 

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However, it is only open in the morning and closed 1pm on Saturday and 1:30pm Mon-Friday. After the farmers market I headed over to check it out. It looks amazing from the outside, but even better inside. Marble countertops, recycled old wood flooring, wood ceiling and a wonderfully cheerful staff. Immediately I was asked if I had been in before and since I had not I received a free raviola, a pastry shaped like a ravioli, but it is filled with jam. Off to a good start! The pastry looks lovely, delicate dough and simple fillings and beautiful crostate.

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I like more savory food and so I headed over to the other countertop, with authentic pizza Romana, the large slabs of foccaccia like bread slathered with tomatoes (rossa) or with vegetables or plain with olive oil and rosemary (bianca). Again, before I even asked I received a piece to try it out. Even the USPS postal delivery woman on her route checked out the goods and received samples of everything. I ended up buying a wholegrain bread and a (huge) piece of pizza romana rossa. I will definitely back. And tell everyone about this downtown jewel!

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The bakery serves also cappucino and paninis besides the bread, pastry, and prizza romana.

Massimos Bakery, 130 Hammond Street, Bangor, ME (207) 659 7575. 


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