Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat Wave….

The current national heat wave has hit Maine. 2 days ahead with temperatures over 100 and quite some humidity. This probably looks like nothing out of the ordinary to people in Florida and Texas, but then every house has AC. Not so in Maine. Most houses in Maine rely on the good old days when people from NY and Boston flocked to Bar Harbor for the summer, because they could not stand the pre-AC temperatures of southern New England. Ok. so this was about 100 years ago, when New York, Boston and Bar Harbor was said in one breath, but still today most houses in Maine don’t have central AC but rely on ceiling fans and people are suffering through the few dog days of summer, or submerging themselves at the lake of their camps. 

When the scorcher days arrive, and thanks to global warming, there are more and more of those (and we dream of them in the deep freeze of winter), now we actually get quite sentimental about a few feet of snow. That would be nice. Just anything to cool us down.
Thunderstorms had been promised for a few days but nothing happened. I wipe down the cats with ice cubes, and they are cooperative. They try to find any cool surface to lay on. Any personal fury affection is suspended for the time being. We all are on our backs, limps in the air. We are thinking about moving into the unfinished basement, the only cool place in the house.
It also brings back alarming memories of last August’s unrelenting heat wave, and I know there is only one thing to do today: go to Best Buy and get a AC window unit.
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