Sunday, May 1, 2016

A whiff of summer

Yesterday there was no denying it: it was time to leave town and head to the coast. It was sunny, not particularly warm, but sunny and dry nonetheless. And it was Saturday. My routes take me to Acadia National park or to Belfast and Camden. Yesterday, it was the later. I added another stop: Unity. The Amish charcuterie in Unity with its large selection of hand-crafted  meats and smoked cheeses make the detour necessary. I got ‘ramp sausage’, a type of chorizo with local ramps. I’ve been trying to find local ramps for years, but Mr. Amish ‘has someone’ who knows where they grown. Hmm. I continued on the rolling hills towards Belfast, listening to Oliver Sacks telling his life story, and arrive just in time for a wonderful beet soup (and french carrot salad) at Chase’s.



After the obligatory round through the Belfast shops, and a first wine tasting at Cellardoor winery in Lincolnville it was time for the first hike of summer 2016, up Maiden Cliff.



The winter was the mildest on record, but the trees took a beating, with high wind storms.


Poor trees. Their roots are on top of the mountain boulders, and a whole cluster of 3 wiped out.




I finally made it to Long Grain in Camden, one of the 10 bucket-list worthy restaurants on this list that I had not been to. Long Grain is a hole in the wall kind of restaurant, easily overlooked but once I heard that it is one of the favorite restaurants in Camden of my chef-friends I decided it is time to try it out. I never made it last year, because it was always full with tourists when I got there. Yesterday I was more lucky, and snagged a seat at the bar. The Thai beef salad completely wow-ed me. It was quite spicy but with vibrant flavors and the meat so buttery soft it must have been a really good steak. 






The tourists are still mostly local, the ships still in their larva, but summer is coming. Definitely.

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