Friday, July 16, 2010

So, they are here

The First Family is spending weekend getaway on Mount Desert Island this weekend. We Mainers feel honored, and admire their good taste. Mount Desert Island is one of the most beautiful island in the US to go hiking with phenomenal ocean views, biking on sandy and shady carriage roads,  kajak along the sounds, sail to nearby islands like the Cranberry Islands from Southwest Harbor, swim in Echo Lake, and, of course, eat lobster or steamers at a roadside lobster shack (or something more fancy). The weather could not be better this weekend.

It seems reasonable to avoid MDI for the next few days, or factor in to be stopped to let the motorcade pass by, or see your favorite hike being closed for the Obamas. But then, there are plenty of other hikes, and typically even in the height of the tourist season Acadia provides a relaxing degree of privacy and calm.

So, what will they do? Take in the views from the mountains.....

Enjoy a lunch at Jordan Pond house, and eat the famous popovers with strawberry jam...

Enjoy the view of Bar Harbor's harbor at sunset from their hotel.... (the blueberry pie at the Bar Harbor Regency is definitely worth trying!)

Sail in Southwest Harbor...

And maybe, eat a steamed Maine lobster.

Well, at least this is what I would do this weekend. But then, there is always next weekend.

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