Sunday, June 10, 2012

Charcoal grilling, round 2

Today, I did what apparently everyone else did over the weekend (my google reader was almost empty): staying away from the computer and doing something fun outside in the nice, warm, sunny weather. One of the projects was to give the outdoor grilling with a portable charcoal grill from Bodum another try. Last time I had not used enough coals and they had not burnt and turned white, so I had little heat. This time I used the tip I got: use a charcoal chimney.


Note the large chimney and the small grill…… I was a bit scared if I would be able to pour all the hot coals into the small grill once they were hot, and after it started smoking and burning, I poured the (lighter fluid containing) coals pretty quickly into the grill and spread them. The lighter fluid smelled awful, but once it had burnt all off the coals were red hot.  And, I finally had heat.


The vegetables were ready: fresh corn, a tomato, a Belgian endive, a Boca vegan burger and 2 small potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil. Onto the grill!


I had so much heat that I actually had more charcoal than I had started out with…..


Delightful (practice) dinner. Fortunately I also had some swordsteak.


The potatoes the longest, and after the rest of the food was cooked I put them right on the coals. that did the trick. Done-ness test with a fork.


So, now that I know how it is done time to invite some people over for some leisurely grilling and chatting while it all cooks away.


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