Wednesday, March 8, 2017

When Maine started looking like Bavaria

 Over the recent years, Maine has developed a buzzing micro beer industry. It all came to my attention with the Allagash brewing company, which is large compared to many of the others. There was always the Bear Brew Pub, and then came Orono Brewing Company, which really got my attention. Now, we are a tiny town of 1200 (that is, during the down time and minus the 11,000 students), and have 5 microbreweries.

I've seen hops growing up 3 story buildings in the middle of Bangor, and now it seems the Maine landscape starts more like the landscape you drive by in Bavaria on the autobahn towards Munich: wide fields of hops in their characteristic harvesting arrangement: growing up, what seems to be, large clothes lines.

Great article in The Maine Magazine

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