Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sauteed radicchio salad

The sky is french gray, a cold, stark gray, the wind howls around the house, and the temperatures dipped into the 20s again. There is no sign of spring. Despite it being a relatively mild winter with only one month of snow, the pre-spring is over 2 months old now. The landscape is still barren and the trees bare. We are in a waiting pattern, cruising over the airport, waiting to land, in spring.

Winter is a tough time for me to eat salads. During one winter, the best option of lunch salads seems to be buying whole romaine salad heads and chop them up when I need them. Sometimes, I buy prepackaged spring mix salad in plastic containers. This winter with my lack of interest of making my own salad in the first place and detouring to the cafeteria, I bought radicchio salad. It not only has a great, slightly bitter taste and hearty texture, but it also last rather long in the fridge, 2-3 weeks. Just in case.


My favorite way to prepare it is with balsamic vinaigrette, blue cheese, toasted walnuts and apples or pears. It is a typical restaurant combination. But what’s also great with radicchio is that it can be grilled and slightly wilted. This time I cut a Belgian endive in half, and sauted it with some olive oil in a ceramic pan.  This was  a convincing lunch for the wary, waiting for spring.

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