Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Run eat repeat

Finally, spring is here. The sky is blue, the lawns are more green than yellow and the temperatures are climbing. The trees are still barren, but some flowers like the crocuses my  mom planted around a shrub in my yard are blooming, reminding me of her as every year.  Over the last few weeks, work and life took over my schedule, and time for some of the good stuff like running and writing fell to the wayside.

With both, there is a phase of ‘get into it’ again, a phase and procrastination I can only overcome if  I take it easy and have low, really low expectations.  The longer the break, the easier I have to make it on myself.

I can’t say that I am a runner. For most of my life I hated it, until I found the Couch-2-5K program that eases me into slowly and painlessly building up stamina to really run 5k, and more I don’t really need as regular exercise. I have no ambitions for any races, and I am quite glad if I run 5k in the first place.


The first time I did the program it took me a lot longer than a few months to build up stamina, it took me almost a year. It also meant I hike up hills like a gazelle as a by-product. Now if I take a break for more than 2-3 weeks from running, I need to start back at week 2. But at least, I maneuver myself on the treadmill again.

It is so easy to make excuses every day and say, “I start tomorrow.” If I tell myself, “just walk for 30min”, it feels easy, easily doable. And then,  two days later I might walk again. And four days later I might start running. And then I just hope that life does not get in the way again.

Sometimes, I also seduce myself with new running shorts.


whatever it takes.

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