Thursday, December 17, 2015

“It’s not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years.”

Sometimes, we settled into a predictable routine for long stretches of time, with kids or partners or jobs setting the routine.  Then, the days are long and the years are short, and we long for a bit of excitement, of mixing things up, of getting inspired again, changing lanes, trying new things.

This reminds me of the new best thing on Netflix, “Master of None”, which I first thought is a male Mindy Kaling version. While there are definitely similarities (Indian main characters living  in NYC), this show stole my heart immediately. It is so fresh, funny, a bit deeper, without any sense of cynicism, just pure heart, like “Friends” used to be.  The explored themes of kids, parents, or ‘the other man’ made me laugh and think for a while.

It only took me only 2 days to watch the entire 10 episodes of Season 1. Unfortunately, by the finale the main characters also decide to put a bit more ‘life’ into their years instead of settling down into a relationship with one of the most funniest first dates ever (in Nashville). Instead they fly off into different directions, literally. And, yes, I now need a pasta machine.

Ah, modern life, with so many opportunities, and how can we ever be satisfied with what we have and not think there might be something better and more exciting ‘out there’.

Here are some wonderful inspirations for the holidays season from the world wild web:


Mulled pomegranate cider.


Chai Hot Toddy


Thyme Cornmeal bread by the LocalMilk


if you are still looking for presents, these beautiful hand-painted plates are a great idea.


This year I decided to not get caught up in the holiday stresses and run around of parties, gifts and cooking, but have a peaceful, calm and more contemplative season. A chai hotty toddy after a sunny walk in the woods, hand painting my Christmas cards, and the realization that things feel christmassy with store-bought cookies, too, is a relief.

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