Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas came early

When I walked in to Bed Bad and Beyond last weekend, and they said I could use the 20% off coupon for the Philips Pasta Maker, my consideration that I don’t really need a pasta maker went out the door. Instead, I walked out the door, with this wonderful device.

I bought “OO” flour, and fresh eggs.  Since I am not one for reading manuals, I watched a video on youtube. Measure the flour in the provided measurement cup (250g flour), mix the 1 egg with a bit of water (and in my case, saffron dissolve in the water) in the second measurement cut, and wait for pasta to be pressed out of the maker 3 minutes later.





After cooking the pasta in hot, heavily salted water for 6 minutes, it was al dente  and perfect. I made a pasta sauce, with a bit of goat cheese, herbs, and it was ready for the taste test.



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