Sunday, October 11, 2015

Into the fall

It’s a long weekend ahead. The seasons seem to be one month behind this year, the foliage only just started, and we have wonderful, sunny days that are still nice and warm, and one can walk around with a t-shirt.


But this might also be the perfect long shopping weekend with deals to prepare for the winter that they promise will be less of a winter of the century like the last one. The snow is supposed to be all rain and end up in California and they are looking forward to it.


It is also apple picking time, and recipes for apple cookies seem to abound this year. I have been so busy that I only managed to collect recipes but not really cook much (yet). Nevertheless, apple picking is on the plan this weekend.



A few days ago when I went for a walk I found some porcini, right on the side of the road. It was a surprise because it had be so hot and dry for so long, and mushroom like hot and humid. Nevertheless, it seems like a good idea to go foraging in the woods. And, did I find some great looking porcini ! So many actually that I dehydrate them for those winter risottos.


ok, enjoy the long, relaxing weekend!!

Relaxing in jacuzzi

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