Monday, April 13, 2015

Light and warmth infused humans

Sometimes I feel humans are not much different from plants. When do the plants in the garden know that it is time and safe to grow those leaves and flowers? They don’t have a calendar. It is sensing based --- sensing that it is warm and that there is plenty of sunshine. Humans are similar --- as soon as we ‘feel’ (sense) that the temperatures rise to a certain degree, the sun shines long hours and it is warm consistently for a few days it seems like we are infused by some life nectar, too, which provides energy to run long distances and go places.

At least that is what happens to me and what brought me to Boston.

In Boston, a lot more people seem to feel it.

While the nature here at Boston Commons is on the cusp of blooming, the people are more than ready to get in the streets and eat outside again.

The city gets ready for more long distance runners…

The finish of the Boston marathon.

It feels a bit eery,sad and raw to walk by all those stores and places where just 2 years ago this terrible tragedy happened. But then, Boston is boston strong, and everyone does their best to put it behind them.

The Apple watches are in store, but not ready for sale yet. I am not sure about the Apple watch; it seems to be able to connect to an Iphone via bluetooth to get messages?! Or do they have wifi? That would make them interesting.

Spring is here, at least for a few days because we get spring showers. But the snow seems to be done for the season. Halleluja!

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