Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hello April

The spring is slowly forthcoming this year. The days are longer, sunnier, but there are still 2 feet of ugly snow on the ground almost everywhere. Not in the south of Maine, though. They are snow-free, mostly.  It is April and I have hopes that by the end of the month it might actually feel like spring. I try not to be one to complain, because, afterall, this is life, and every day wasted with looking at the negative and wanting something else, is never coming back. So, why not make it a day to remember.

With the lack of blog posts, you probably have realized that I have been less than inspired to cook lately. A real inspiration slump. I do not care to bring lunch and I do not even care to grab lunch, and then I eat a candy bar I have in the office. My excitement went on spring break and never came back. Maybe, I just need a major change, but I don’t know what this could/should be. Summer?

So, I leave you with things I found on the internets in the hope they might inspire me (or you);


Eats in April. And meals.


Ready for Austrian Royal sweets? These are crepes, the Austrian version. The dough is sweeter than the dough of crepes, but otherwise they are quite similar. Always filled with some apricot or strawberry or raspberry jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar. (Original name: Palatschinken, for instruction check this post). (Equally fabulous: Kaiserschmarrn, Nocken and Viennese Apple Strudle. This one deserves a photo of its own. )


Easter is on its way. Please only buy chocolate bunnies for the kids. Not real ones.


And now I will enjoy the sunny day and a half, because the weatherman says, the Easter weekend will be a big natural make-over, with plenty of rain and then a new layer of immaculate snow. Old man winter is still refreshing his make-up. His real name seems to be Dorian Gray.

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