Friday, February 27, 2015

Spring break

Friday and spring break upon us! The day started cold, but not too cold, and with sunshine and mounds of white snow. Last meetings to wrap up before everyone disappears, some to Caribbean beaches, some to Europe, and some just wind down and kick up their heels, worrying only about leisurely pursuits for a few weeks.


How come that lunch pans always look a lot better before they are cooked?


I feel like jumping in my car and heading out of town, too. Exploring snowy beaches, hiking snowy mountains, cross country skiing frozen lakes, hibernating and drinking wine in sleepy, cozy remote cabins. Ah, winter fun!

Last weekend I started watching “Friends” on netflix, to really for once watch all the episodes in order. “Friends” is still the same gem as it was originally. These guys have such great comedic timing as an ensemble and of course such great personal chemistry. Only, the clothes they wear? Oy vey….

Other recommendable movies:

I’ll have to wait until the end of the month until Imitation Game is released to DVD because I missed it by one day to see it in the movie theater. Nooo!

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