Sunday, January 25, 2015

Summer on my mind

Hello (last) Sunday (of January)!


Overnight, we got some snow. In anticipation of ‘major snowstorm’, I stayed home, and found a (one of many?) attempts to explore what could happen to the main characters after Jane Austen’s novels end. In this case, it was “Death comes to Pemberley” which takes place 6 years after the wedding of Pride and Prejudice’s Elisabeth and Darcy. I settled in with my laptop and hot passion tea (wink).

Unfortunately, both the snowfalls and the romance TV series fell a bit short of their promise. But, the next snowstorm is just around the corner, and at least 15 inches of snow are penciled in. This spells both snow day and skiing!


My inner anticipation, however, has moved on from winter, and keeps summer in its focus, summer preparedness. Trips to make, mountains to hike, beaches to revisit, long days, endless daylight, layers to shed, and sun in my face. In my mind it is already summer.


But first things first. Some snow shoveling, a walk in sunny, snowy woods (it is not enough for skiing), and a breeze of fresh cold winter air to recharge that winter hibernating body of mine.

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