Monday, January 26, 2015

Making up for lost time

The calm before the storm. Or, in this case, the calm before the snowstorm/blizzard. S. and I went snow shoeing yesterday. S., being from India, experienced her first snow last year, and endured her first winter in Maine, hunkered down and hoping for it to be over. I promised there is also fun to be had in the snow, and so we went snow shoeing.


Today, everyone is talking about the blizzard. No one talks about historic blizzard here in Maine, because people are used to rough winters, but New York City and Boston might be under siege by this one. 3 feet of snow with snow drifts will do that to a metropolis. We are not envious, and happy with the 24 inches we are promised to get. Me and my trusty snowblower will be busy throughout Tuesday. The weather service mentioned there is a 3rd storm this week on the way, another 8 inches.

Guess, winter is making up for lost time, and it is finally my favorite part of winter: skiing.


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