Monday, November 3, 2014

And then there was snow

So, we went from this beautiful fall…..




…. right to this:


It snowed all day yesterday, and the power went out several times. At some point I got the snow blower roaring and blasting snow billows to the side of the drive way. Unfortunately, the snow blower did not like the heavy, sleet saturated snow too much and at some point the chute clogged up. Ah, living in the Northeast.


(those leaves are normally under the snow). I maneuvered the snow blower back to the garage and got the shovel out. At that point the town’s snow truck zipped by and swiftly lined up all the heavy snow from the street to.. my neighbor’s driveway and locking him in behind a 5 foot snow wall. Typically, that happens to my side.

This morning I peeked outside. Tons of kids playing could only mean one thing: snow day! The temperatures dropped and it froze overnight, and now those driveway snow walls are frozen solid. But the sun is out, the snow is slowly dripping, and I made my rounds and shook trees and brushes off their heavy load, helping the to stand up again.

When Athleta informed me about new winter wear this morning, I immediately zoomed in on this promising candidate: The adidas Choleah boot. It looks like a great “run in the snow and stay dry’ shoe. Or just a good shoe to wear while snowblowing, or to walk the dog?


Well, it might be another 2 months until the next snow storm but winter is coming.

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