Sunday, September 14, 2014

(One) Apple picking

It is the time of the year, when the cats come next to me, slightly tap me on the shoulder, and indicate that they want to slip under the covers because there it is toasty warm. And cats, like me, like it toasty warm. The male cat is more rambunctious, finally feeling the weather matches his equipment of a long fur coat and it is also, as all males know, hunting time. Being an indoor cat comes as an impediment at this point.

The outdoor temperatures drop into the 60s, and yet I still don’t want to turn on the heat after the summer.

This week was a tiring, productive and turmoiled one, but then by the end of it I adjusted my objectives for the coming year, felt relieved, felt my agenda is doable and fun without requiring be to turn into superwoman every single day, and the smile came back to my face and into my day. Looking forward to each day is a good way to live. Waking up and wondering how to survive it, not so much.

It’s Saturday and I am lingering. Lingering feels good after such a week. The time for the farmers market came and passed. But I still could go apple picking.

I did go apple picking, but it was picking from one of my own trees in my garden, the only full grown apple this year (which is one more than any other year). The elderberry bush was hanging low with heavy berries and inviting the harvest. I got a huge bucket and brought a scissors. While snipping the elderberries and plunging them into the bucket, I heard music in the neighborhood. It dawned on me that I had seen an email about a block party in the mail this week. “Is that today?” After cleaning up, and getting ready for running errands, I checked my emails and indeed, it was happening right there and then.

I headed over to at least say hello, and to my surprise 3/4 of the neighborhood was eating, chatting, and plenty of kids running around. There were the people that I know and then plenty of people I had not had the chance to talk to yet. – Telephone numbers were exchanged, plans were made, and it was no surprise that it turned out that Kitchn is everyone’s favorite cat and that on his daily strolls he visits everybody and even talks to the indoor kitties sitting at the window fences. Kitchn is the neighborhood mayor. (He also attended the party).

In the evening I heated milk to make kefir, moved all the summer shoes back into the shoe closet and brought out the fall ones. The first fire in the woodstove was lit, the heat in the house turned on. While I plucked the elderberries, I watched Brad Pitt save Linden and the world from zombies. Fall is coming. Time to indulge in antioxidants.


Note: elderberries need to be cooked, this fruit can be toxic when eaten raw.

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