Sunday, August 3, 2014

To dangle one’s soul

There is a wonderful German saying if you want to relax, have downtime, go on vacation and just leave all cares behind and it is  “die Seele baumeln lassen”, which literally translates into letting one’s soul dangle… So much more poetic than the simple translation of relax.

My vacation has finally arrived, the day promises to be hot, which often leads the day to be quiet,because the kids and gardeners and lawn mowers stay inside or everyone is off to the beach.


It reminds me of Italian siesta, the quiet time between 12pm and 4pm, when the streets are empty, the shops are closed, and everyone is home to take a nap.


But on vacation, there are more opportunities. The sea, a pool, the beach, and it is not just at noon time when it is a good time to hang.



These are the times to be, just to be, and not to think, plot or plan. Where life is effortless, like a sail on the ocean or the wind in the trees.


Animals are experts in this.


so, there. Vive les vacances!

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