Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monday to come

It is August, the summer is winding down. The next 2 weeks are finally vacation for me. It is great to forget all obligations for 2 weeks and focus only on things that are benefiting my wellbeing, allocating a budget to eat at the expensive restaurants, drive places, read a book on the beach, and just let the soul linger, like sailing with a negroni in your hand lazily on a boat in the Sicilian sea. It is fun to wake up and say to myself “what is the most fun I could have today?”, let my fantasy run wild and then do it. ---- In general I feel every day should be lived like that but there are things like lawn mowing, work responsibilities and budget constraints so it does not always workout like this. But vacation? All bets are off.

This was the last portion of the precious Mesclun mix from Chase’s Daily, pricey, with with plenty of crisp bib salad leaves, baby radicchio and bright orange flowers. Here, randomly topped with chickpeas and blue cheese.


Officially, vacation starts Monday, and there are still things to wrap up at work before that, so this weekend will be a non-weekend. But come Monday, I’ll kick off my shoes and sit back and relax!

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