Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer dolce far niente

July slowly comes to an end. It feels like a long drawn out month, a summer month, but endless. Maybe it was because I did not feel like going in my usual summer hectic of “Oh, I have to make the most out of summer, let cram as much as possible into every day.” For paradoxical reasons, doing the opposite actually made the month feel endless. But there is no denying it, only one month of official summer left.


Everyone looks like this by now.

I am not sure if I will continue with my laid back attitude or go into vacation with a renewed sense of “let’s make the most out of summer there is not much left”.  I should get at least one hike in. Eat one lobster.


But I am eating no-lettuce salads, and managed to finally lose my fitbit flex. The clasp had opened several times recently but always at home and just in time I caught it. This time it happened on campus. I retraced all my steps, and despite it being bright pink it was not to be found. Hope, it makes someone else happy.

Fortunately, there is always cake to cheer me up..and ordering a new one.


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