Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Preparing for a long weekend

With a holiday on Friday in my mind, the entire week feels like one long preparation for the long weekend. The temperatures are in the 90s, World cup games have to be watched at AC-chilled restaurants with big screen tvs, and biking to work makes you arrive as one sweaty mess. Meetings are held in the few AC-ed rooms of the building (it is Maine, and most older buildings do not have AC). But only the die-hard Mainers, who prefer snow, complain. “I like snow…..” they sorrowfully moan, wiping the sweat of their forehead.


But I dream of the south of France in summer, crickets, searing heat, beautiful patios, but I don’t have to dream much because with a little fantasy it already feels like the south of France and the deck is cozy.

The next few days will brings thundershowers, and cools us down a bit.  But the upper 80s,low 90s temperature will last as long as the weather forecast shows. Goodygood.


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