Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A taste of vacation

This morning, after a few days of a lot of work, I felt like “time to for a trip to the coast!”. And so, I did. It started with the usual, Belfast, and vegetables at Chase’s and walking around town. Then, I was off on the back country roads of Coastal Rt 1 to Cellardoor Winery. Fabulous glass of wine with a view. The backroads to Camden, quite the preppy tourist trap. But this comes with good restaurants, so no complaints. On the search for the Camden farmers market, I found 40 Paper. But for dinner I tried the James Beard 2014 Best Restaurants of the Northeast Semifinalist, Francine. Unfortunately, at that point my camera battery died so only a photo of the restaurant. --- the food was superb, and I was lucky to get a table on the romantic veranda right after opening.

Cellardoor Winery, Lincolnville, ME

Several people wanted to know which shoes I am wearing.

A glass of wine with a view on the Cellardoor vineyard and the pond.

40 Paper, Camden, ME

Camden farmers market

Francine, Camden, ME

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