Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tail in the sunshine

This summer not only has had a late start, but it also seems to never take off. We are back to t-shirt plus a sweater temperatures. Last night on my run I was wearing a long sleeve shirt it was so chilly.


The sunny days don’t make you sweat, which can be good in many ways, but it also does not feel like summer yet. Last year around this time, the AC was humming for a month already and it was an endless summer, even for Maine terms. This year is a very subdued version of it.

Today, the sky is gray and thundershowers are expected. The farmers market opened its Tuesday portion of the schedule but there is barely lettuce, some early kohlrabi and surprisingly strawberries, questioning everyone “Are they really local?” But they smell good and they taste good and they are definitely on the sour side of things.


On a practical level, cooler temperatures are pleasant. On the emotional side of things, not so much. Maybe, things pick up next week with July 4th.


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