Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Long summer days

Today I worked at the place where the coffee is good, the pastry excellent and the AC works--- Starbucks! Once the sun yielded its heat around 5pm I went home and got the lawn mower out, ready to groom the wild growing mane of the lawn. Half way through lawn mowing some tree trimming happened. First, the tree from the neighbors and the branch that hang so low I could not pass by without crouching, then a few of my own trees. By the end of the garden activities, the neighbors’ BBQ sent over the seductive aroma of grilled chicken and hamburgers. The kids and the dog had all disappeared. The garden was quiet.

I checked my raised bed and decided to harvest my first home-grown bok choy.


The holes in the bok choy leaves…… the sure sign of organic growing.


By the time the bok choy sauteed in the pan, with some coconut milk, broth, tamari sauce, ginger, curry powder, coconut flakes and pistachios, the kids cajouled in the garden again. Ah, long summer days. When you can continue to play outside after dinner…


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