Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Chanelle says it has been too long since he’s been on the blog. He is beautiful as ever and if you would meet him in person he would be sure to welcome you and rub at your legs, purring.


My beautiful man, taking a relaxed nap since the temperature are too high and too humid to do anything else for someone with a fur coat.

This is the first year that I plant my raised bed in more than one season. The first season contained an early and fast growing bok choy. It is ready to eat and makes room for the next season of summer squash. Summer squash has a habit to take over any space it is given (and then some). The winter chard is on the heels of the bok choy to replenish the kitchen with home grown greens. I also planted radishes and beets; the beets are likely the last to be harvested. In September, large bags of beets are just $5 at the farmers market.


Lettuce mixes are some of the first green find on the FM. In a little while they will come in large bags with edible flowers mixed in for only $5, staying fresh and crisp for a week. No flowers yet. 


Radishes are another early produce. This made for a wonderful salad with yesterday’s lemon tahini dressing.

There was a thunderstorm overnight, and the sun struggles to come out today. But soon, it will, and the thermometer will climb again. These days, I languish on my deck, in the shade, working on an article.


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