Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to turn golden into pink vinegar?

Kids playing in the streets at 10am? School must be out for summer.


How to turn golden vinegar into pink one? On Sunday I gathered chives flowers in the garden, snipped off right underneath the flower, and stuffed them in a jar. About 30 of them.



I filled up the jar with rice wine vinegar (apple cider vinegar would be good, too), and let it sit on a window sill for about 4 days. The chive flowers infuse the vinegar with a light oniony flavor, making it a great ingredient for e.g. tomato salad.


On day 4, I poured the vinegar into another bottle and threw away the chive flowers (don’t squeeze the flowers, just let the vinegar drain). Not only a wonderful oniony flavor, but also…. pink colored vinegar.


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