Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

By now everyone has enough of the rain, the garden as well as the people. But, one more day of showers. Tomorrow, back to sunshine and temps in the upper 80s. Summer! Despite the rainy outlook --- it’s Friday!

I feel newly invigorated with ideas for food styling and food photography, something I really needed since I felt my style was becoming stale. I no longer feel inspired, growing and enticed to try new things, so I lost interest. --- How great are online courses! They are often free, well-made and you can challenge yourself to acquire new skills. From building photography backgrounds to gardening to learning to cook a new cuisine to crocheting to acquiring new languages (and not just computer languages!). Youtube self teaching, at your fingertips!

Plans for today include watching the second day of the CreativeLive Food Styling Workshop (actually, during the 3 workshop days there are continuous free rebroadcasts of the workshop segments after and before the live workshop!), some meetings at work, and then…… ta-ta…… Season 2 of the “Orange is the new Black” premieres on Netflix today. Can’t wait! It will be a busy online watching day!


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