Thursday, June 12, 2014

Denial of sunshine attack

When I wake up and the sun shines, I can’t wait to figure out what highlights to pack into my day: a trip to the coast, a hike, a winery, a new location….. and a little bit of work when I am there.  When I wake up and it rains, I expect no particular highlights (that I could miss out on) and work has a non-competitive stance for the day.

Today, it was not only raining, but the temperatures fell back to the 50s (from the 90s). The cats snuggled their way under the covers, and running along the river became a treadmill activity watching Orange is the new black. The miles seems so much longer on the treadmill.


Season 2 of Orange is the new black takes until Episode 3 to pick up steam and some hilarious wisecracks. It is more slow paced and tame than Season 1; at least it does not repeat itself nor rides on the jokes that made Season 1 so successful.

The other day I sorted my props by color. Pinks, lots of pinks, blues, and a few stone pastel colors. This would be the time to watch a re-run of the seminar to bring back the ideas. ----


Today was the second day that feedly was done with a denial of service attack. I felt feedly was holding my blog list hostage, and I could hardly remember all the blogs by name that I actually read. Near panic. Fortunately, I had a backup list on bloglovin from my first rounds of trying to replace Google reader.


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