Friday, May 16, 2014

Take me to the coast

The weather report says that today is the last sunny and warm day for 5 days. It is also Friday, and so the plan is set: first summer trip to the coast! 


It’s been a busy and productive post-semester week, the house is in order, the garden is in order, the cats all checked up, and it is legitimate time to plan around the weather. The plan is to go to Belfast, and see if Chase’s already sells vegetables in their indoor farmers market. Checking on my trip exactly a year ago, there should be at least swiss chard. Last year I had a fiddlehead tart at Chase’s Daily and read the new york times about the Cannes Film Festival. Rarely found glamour in Maine!


The raised bed in the garden still  has plenty of room for new seedlings. After 2 years of “please, no more zucchini!” I am ready to grow it again. Growing a few zucchini plants certainly means a zucchini deluge for the rest of the summer. Zucchini salad, ratatouille, zucchini tart, zucchini ice cream. Oh, wait, I lied on the last one. But, anyway, I am ready again for zucchini this year.

I also bought the first summer sandals. Somehow, I got into Swedish wooden sandals this year, and bought my first ever danskos (I don’t think they are Swedish, but there is a whole family of other Swedish brands, with the Euro price tag). They are soooo comfortable that I already bought a second pair. I am afraid with in my enthusiasm for the shoes, I will want a whole variety of them, like these below. These are Swedish Hasbeens Frederica. Love the wooden sole, the sturdy heel and the silver.


Realistically, I am more into naturelle colors like nude or beige. These are Hasbeens Braided Sky High.


But the pale pink? Super cute! If I would live in LA, I would buy these.


I bought these, the Dansko Nigella. Love the heel and the little flower, with good deals on 6pm (with only a $60 price tag, and not $150). They are a little dark and the color is a dirty beige, but as I said they take you everywhere in the summer.


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