Saturday, May 3, 2014

Poetry of a Maine summer.

Saturday. Classes are over. A huge empty space opens up in my mind: what to do with all the free, unoccupied time? Last year, I repainted my house, which took up much of May. For the time being, I soak up the giddy feeling of being off the hook. With no further plans and a vast summer ahead.


The farmers market started officially for the summer today. Reading this article in the Maine Magazine makes want to rent a cabin directly on the ocean and bring along the cats, pretending I am living on the coast.


Google street view let’s me take this trip without getting into my car. Eastport is all the way to the east of Maine, of the US for that matter, a blimp in front of Canada. Campobello is close, the island on which FD Roosevelt used to spend his summer before he was president.

Summer travel plans are shaping up. Drives on remote country roads, still not found by the tourists. Beautiful summer light. The poetry of a Maine summer.  Coming up!

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