Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ode to a gray day

The last days were the first summer days of 2014: warm, sunny, t-shirt weather. Sunshine and summer seem to have the ability to fill me with energy and good mood and a zest to make it a good day.  The perspective changes from “the glass is half empty” to “the glass is half full”. Wait, the glass is full. Summer days also seem to be a bigger glass in the first place.

Then, there are a gray days. The mood is dimmed again, it calls for less energetic activities, low-key things like reading a book or writing a paper.


Yesterday, while I was driving around campus, I stopped in my tracks when I spotted several beautifully blooming magnolia trees. A pale pink, soft, large bell shaped flowers and not a single green leaf in sight. How can you not admire a tree that starts out with all blossom?


I have a magnolia tree in my own garden but so far it has skipped the blooming phase. This year there are large buds and I have hope that maybe, there will be a few blossoms. Or will these be leaves again?


Another thing to do on a gray day while working away on the computer is to leave the kitten cam running. This beautiful cat Celeste just had kittens 2 days ago, and nothing is more relaxing and comforting than watching a loving, patient mama cat keeping her little wee ones warm and clean.

The other day I bought a few bags of local organic soil, the Bar Harbor Blend potting soil for the Mandeville plant and a hibiscus seedling that made it through the winter. The Mandeville needs good food to climb up the trellis on the deck with a wall of flowers.


Lunch was a mix of chard, asparagus, black beans and roasted corn. The lawn is mowed. The swiss chard and kohlrabi seedlings are planted.  Neighbors’ kitty Fluffy brought me a gift, a brown mouse, with a big bite mark on its back, but otherwise very alive and very afraid. I put on my garden gloves, coaxed it into my hand, carried it to a big pile of cut branches and let it run away. Fluffy hung out in the lawn, proud of himself, and after a while remembered the mouse, and sniffed all the holes in the sod in search of it. Sorry, Fluffy.

The sun seems to come out. Still, ode to a gray day.


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