Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gearing up for Memorial weekend

The weather outlook was bleak until Sunday but today unexpectedly the sun is coming out. Early summer warmth and brightness, something I really need. It has been raining since Saturday. It is humid from all the rain and the thermometer immediately spikes. The outlook for the day is promising.


Life in a college town in the summer is quiet, everyone seems either gone or traveling, the occasional grad student around. I debate sometimes how it would be to be like the protagonist of Under the Tuscan sun and be off to my Italian or French fixer upper villa for the summer months. Or sit in a Parisian flat, in the minimalist kitchen and read a book looking out the window. But then, Maine is a destination in itself for the summer.


May is almost over, had to believe, the first of the 4 summer months. It had mixed weather and still much work, and slowly things are easing into the summer mode. It is high time for hay fever and black flies. Finding all those white jeans again. Gearing up for Memorial Day weekend, BBQ and pool supplies, and maybe a shopping weekend in Freeport/Portland with memorial day deals. Long weekend ahead!

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