Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring has arrived

My heart was pounding.

Sweaty palms.

I breathed heavily and my stomach cramped up.

Then, I walked into the bedroom, scooped up V., placed her in the un-mounted cat carrier, placed the top back on while holding her in place, and clipped the safety locks shut. She was too surprised to protest and claw her way out again. The worst was over. Then, we drove to the vet for her annual exam. I had tried other ways of getting her into the carrier before, like stuffing her in through the open top door. We were both battered and clawed after that, she won and I had to maneuver her out from under the bed again. I wonder how long the surprise scoop will work in the future.

All signs these days point to Easter and Passover. Recipes for deviled eggs abound. Or baking an easter bunny.

Painting Easter eggs.


Or crocheting little daisies for the table d├ęcor.


The weather decided it needs a little bit more winter, and it will snow tomorrow morning. The weather in April is known to be undecided. The lawns look like lawns in California at the end of summer: sandy brown. The first mint, chives and the rhubarb are bursting through the ground. The bicycle is pumped up and waiting as new transportation to work.

Spring has officially arrived. Mostly.

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