Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring fling

This year I avoided one of the pitfalls of spring: over-exuberance about the warmer weather, abandoning winter clothes, wearing sandals, jeans jackets and tees instead. This often results in being thrown down with a cold. I am still wrapping myself in my winter coat, like a plant, weary when it is really safe to bust out the buds. The bike had a ‘super deluxe’ tune-up, the cables, gears and the brakes are newly adjusted, cables replaced and it is time to ride to work again, without horse powers, just human power.


Meanwhile lawns have turned green. Crocuses and daffodils line the still barren landscape as the first messengers of a much more lushes season. A wave of spring blooms will capture the landscape soon. By that time all the students will be gone, and the slow summer pace in a college town will start.

As for now, it is the pleasure of teaching final classes, graduating students, and planning end of semester parties.

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