Monday, March 24, 2014

Two more letters to go

There is only one place more popular than church in Maine on a Sunday: the self-serve frozen yogurt shop. The line wraps around tables and eating customers back to the door and people of all ages patiently wait for a cup of the frozen, sweet Sunday treat. Sunday felt like a true spring day. Blindingly bright sunshine, blue sky, puddles of water running underneath the ice sheets that frame the walk ways. Kids, dogs, spouses were packed up, and taken on a Sunday walk. Even I bundled up and walked to town. The weather was too good to pass up on the extra portion of light and fresh air.

The sun still shines on this Monday morning. A bright, powerful light that wakes up nature. The temperatures are icy, 4F/-15C. It will be a short week; Wednesday will be wiped out by a snow storm and make everyone stay at home and life stop. Empty stores, empty streets, school canceled.


It is just us with this new half meter of snow, and Nova Scotia. The meteorologists are on the the letter “X” for winter storms. Two more letters to go.

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