Saturday, March 1, 2014

The clock strikes 12pm and she turns into a pumpkin

I woke up this morning, a whole day ahead and not a single thing on my to do list. “Portland!” I thought. Just roaming the mall, buying groceries at Trader Joes and Whole Foods, getting out and seeing something new for a day. I downloaded several new audiobooks to make the long drive more enjoyable, and then looked for my IPod touch. When I could not locate it, I became frantic und turned the house upside down twice. “It must be in the office…” Drove to the office but it was not there either. Turned the car upside down, not there either.

By then it was after 12pm, 12:11pm exactly, and my plans to drive to Portland turned into a pumpkin. A much too late start for the long drive, and so I relaxed into a local day. Bought groceries. Saw with much joy that my favorite season is back at Target.

Patio season. With planters and planting  supplies.


Next stop was the former Borders, now a new bookstore with the same set-up: a coffee shop and large, endless magazine shelves.

Plenty of ideas of for new recipes like this lahneh tart

or a potato beet root gratin.

BTW, the ipod touch was at home, afterall. Under an ottoman.

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