Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pistachio Cranberry Cake

The other day I tried Aran’s spectacular looking pistachio cranberry (gluten-free) cake.


I halved the recipe, it was the weekend and not many people at work to share it with (spring break, afterall). But it is difficult to halve 3 eggs, so I went with 2 small eggs. But with a base of rice flour it came out quite dense (soggy?), still tasted really good. I’d preferred it more cakey, less fudgy. Maybe, double the flour?


Nevertheless, everyone who had a piece of it loved it. I had several. Fudgy, or not.

We are still in the deep freeze; it has not been so cold since January. It starts to wear you out when it is freezing for the 4th month in a row, since it was really cold since December already.


In good spring break spirit, I finished watched the last episodes of Breaking Bad. Now, I moved on to watch the last 2 seasons of Weeds. The only other show still missing is Orange is the New Black, whose 2nd season will start in June.  Each series starts with an everyday man or woman (like you and me)  faced with adversity (cancer, sudden death of husband) and them turning to the drug business to provide for their family, but eventually diving deep into the international drug cartels (or ending up in prison) seemingly so inevitable because you grow a successful business, right? Ahh, and how well all these shows are done, and how much we like and root for the protagonists.


I feel I should leave this post on a more upbeat note than freezing and watching good people going bad for entertainment, but alas this is what happens.

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