Saturday, March 15, 2014

On the other side of spring break

One day of winter wonderland. March winter wonderland. March winter wonderland requires a down vest over a running jacket for skiing because it gets really warm. Only a limited set of cross country skiing trails were broken, and I ventured beyond those to make my usual round. Which was not such a great idea. Instead of effortlessly gliding through new powder, sunlight powered, I stomped with long skis and sank in 10 inches deep with each step. The task of a trail breaker can be exhausting.

It was marvelously warm, the landscape chockfull of new snow, and yet rivers of melting snow were running and dripping. March snow storm.

Today, it is raining, and the winterwonderland no longer is. Just piles of wet, soggy snow and skiing is over. It will freeze for the next few days, and then slowly, slowly melt away.

I am on my last package of Starbucks Christmas blend. I love their special blends. Christmas, Holiday, tribute. The new tribute blend is out. Just in time.


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