Thursday, March 20, 2014

Officially spring

When you live in Maine, you find a lot of people who get very excited about the vernal equinox over the first cup of coffee at the local coffee store in the morning. Today is the beginning of spring, and we celebrate with another messy, soggy snow storm. I start to loose hope that this snow will ever go away. It was mild yesterday, for one day. There were sounds of dripping water, birds calling for mates, and a fresh scent in the air. I dressed up all white and hot pink, because someone had to look like spring.


Today, dressing up won’t change anything. But it is Thursday and the first week back to school is almost over. My leaden sense of tiredness has finally lifted, and there are only 6 weeks now until summer break.

I am furiously collecting recipes but had no energy to cook or bake anything new. I spend parts of my day in front of the fireplace at starbucks, just with a notebook, a paper notebook, to think, to get my ideas in order.


As for the lighter sides of life, yesterday I finally watched the start of the Housewives of New York new season. All I could think was “They upped Aviva’s meds or what was she smoking.” Plus, to shake it up, Carole got finally flustered at something of someone assuming she did not painstakingly write her own books. The true masterminds of these ‘reality shows’ are really the producers. There might be no ‘script’, just a ‘which buttons to push this season” plan. Like ‘which questions/suspicions/gossip to  bring up, how to spread it, and then let the chemical reactions of the women involved unfold like clockwork.” “if they don’t explode, add some alcohol and lock them in a room.” “If still nothing works, add the husbands and a lingerie party.”

It would be all fun and games, if faculty meetings wouldnt  be exactly like this sometimes. Ok, minus the alcohol, and lingerie party.

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