Thursday, March 6, 2014

Glass jar magic

The last days I cleared out my basement; a collection of 10 years of some form of tupperware (no, kept those!) plastic containers. Now, I only use glass storage containers, and plastic only for the freezer. If you have a large basement, stuff adds up in dark corners. Made three piles: recycle, donate and use. I also have 2 large boxes with saved, cleaned glass jars that are in the recycle bin. All those decorative glass jars from tomato sauces, capers, olives or harissa. I used them to store dried beans and all kinds of nuts before I moved on to using uniformly shaped mason jars.

In good thrifting fashion, I checked pinterest first to see if there are projects to make with those valuable jars.


Like this. Or this?


or this?


Hmm. Am I a secret hoarder of empty glass jars? I seem not to want to let go of them.

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