Friday, February 21, 2014

The perils of social marketing

Yesterday, I came home from work, quite late, like 7pm. I was wiped out from a week of one deadline chasing the next. Now, there is only one deadline left. All I was able to do is cook a quick dinner, turn on the TV, and read through some blogs.

Then, this happened.


You probably know what this means. You read one of your favorite blogs. And “she” LOVES something. Like Jaden loves her electric Imusa espresso maker. You are ready to head to Target tomorrow and check it out, too. Since it is only 29.99, you might pick one up, too.


Then, you read another blog  and it deals with the problem you’ve been faced with yourself, and still don’t get a handle on. Cast iron pans! I’ve tried, but never went beyond an initial seasoning of a new pan, using it, the food sticking in it, and struggling to keep it clean, and putting it back into storage.


So, this article came really handy. What if there is something I still miss (and admire some great photos of 100-year-old –smooth- as—baby’s-bottom-seasoned-pride-of-my-kitchen/life cast iron pans)?


There were links to excellent articles that hit the spot:

  • A comprehensive guide to caring for your cast iron. (Serious Eats.) Note to self, yes, you need plenty of oil to fill the gaps in fresh cast iron, because it heats and polymerized and builds a non-stick surface on top of the rough cast iron surface. Use plenty of oil!
  • Make sure to avoid these 3 deadly cast iron sins. (Huffington Post.) No scrubbing, no soap, no chemicals. At most use coarse salt, water and a soft sponge.
  • Watch this video for a primer on all things cast iron. (America's Test Kitchen.) Have not watched it yet, feel already like an expert.

And then, there was this link. How to find your perfect cast iron pan.


After reading it, I became re-convinced that my best bet might still be the expensive life-time seasoned le creuset skillet. 

And this brings in the next icon from the first picture above.


“Amazon thanks you.”

Yes, I bought a new le creuset skillet then and there. Not in red, but in a caribbean ocean blue to match my 2 other le creusets that are permanently parked on my stovetop. Exactly like this, besides that the skillet is round. And 9 inch.


To my excuse, it was on sale and cheaper than anywhere else. And only one left. So, I had to act fast.

Also, I plan to take a closer look to the cast iron skillets of which are more than plenty in the ‘antique’ stores along Rt. 1 in the summer. I might be able to rescue them, and get 50-100 years ahead.


And this, my friends, is how social marketing works. Fortunately, I no longer fall prey to the social advertising of running socks, rebook shoes, and under armour tops. Lululemon is a different story.


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