Wednesday, February 5, 2014

“No problem, Irish.”

It would snow all day. It was unclear if it would be 3-5 or maybe 6-8 inches. Around 8-10 inches it gets serious with snow shoveling. In addition, there is talk about a Northeastern’er at the beginning of next week and “they talk about it in feet!”. So, I reckoned it was finally time to bite the bullet and get that snowblower, before the March end of season sales. It all worked out with a friend being available with his truck today and I plunged down as much money as I would for a fine camera. Just with a lot less enthusiasm. I named the snow blower “Luis” (as in Luis Trenker) and promised to take good care of him. It sputtered to life and off I went. On the positive side of things, clearing my driveway now takes 10 min instead of 1h. I also figured out how to operate it and make it stop before we both run into a wall. I have a hunch, we might be friends, Luis and me.

So, I am ok with more snow for the rest of the season!  Lots more, if it is in the cards. In general I like snow, especially skiing which follows new snow, just clearing the driveway by hand cramped my style.

My indoor hibiscus had a flower, lunch salad was eaten right at home thanks to the half snow day. Now I am watching the more than gripping “Captain Phillips”, an Best Picture Oscar contender. It reminds me of last year’s Argo. Hijacked by Somali pirates or snow….. we are all in the same boat. Or quite.



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