Friday, February 28, 2014

No end in sight

It is finally spring break. Due to a super-packed schedule over the last X (10?) months I am more to ready to just drop everything for 1-2 days and just linger. Hopefully, that’ll recharge me. No work and no housework allowed. Just linger. Read a book. Be completely ‘unproductive’. Sometimes that is really hard for me. There are always these endless to-do lists.

The weather forecast predicts plenty of sunshine but the temperatures are still in a state of deep freeze.


Neighbors’ kitty, I call him Fluffy, came over yesterday and was shivering while he chowed down on the second breakfast he ordered. Whenever I went back in the house, he ran back to my front door, sitting in front of it, really close, looking up. I locked up my cats, and thought, ok, let’s invite him in for 15min to warm up, poor little buggar. When I opened the front door he sniffed the door entrance cautiously, and his cat intelligence told him “This is a home of other cats. They might not like me, come out racing and pounce on me.” Despite shivering, he turned around. Good try. Today, he will probably sit next to the fireplace and decide ‘taking next sample of trying to sneak out and reassert myself as free outdoor cat in a week. Won’t be fooled again by sunny day’.

It is Friday, sunny, very cold. I still have meetings and leftover work to clear up, no impeding deadlines for a while. I feel like baking bread or a comforting pound cake with pistachios, shutting off the internet and email, and just kick up my heels. Simplicity.


Wait a minute. Baking a cake is not on the ‘be absolutely unproductive, no-plans’ list. But it does look good.

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