Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frozen ocean sherbet and a Blazin’ bar

Sunday. After I headed out to the coast yesterday, the snowy coast for once, half frozen, half thawed, did all around new things without driving too far, One of the item was finally dropping in on a whim to the new Blaze-Bangor restaurant that opened 2 weeks ago in the old Wick and Currier. They overhauled the entire building for 2 years, and opened this sister restaurant to the successful Blaze in Bar Harbor. It was very dark when I walked in and felt more like a sportsbar than a restaurant, only thing missing was a layer of cigarette smoke to the relative young audience. I plunged down at the bar, ready to sample the menu. Since Blaze is an open grill restaurant it is a fabulous place for carnivores but not so much for vegans. Not a single salad on the –between-lunch-and-dinner menu. i ordered the smoked rainbow trout on bruschetta with balsamic reduction and capers, and it was outstanding. Not a crumb left. .


Frozen ocean (bay)







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