Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chocolate Souffle

Saturday! It is still winterwonderland around here, plenty of nice powdery clean snow and sunshine. Sometimes I think I am a sunshine addict. It infuses me with so much love and energy I just want to get into my superman (woman) suit and fly off to wonderful places with wonderful adventures. Since this is Saturday, maybe I can! Also, since I got the shiny new snow blower I renewed my friendship with snow. So, where to go today?

The Winter Olympics in Sochi started.  The parts of the opening ceremony that I saw were spectacular (although I am not one for patience much, so I always skipped to other channels when some Swan lake dancing would take too long), and somehow I missed the much reported lightning of just 4 Olympic rings and the dead silence and that producers switched to rehearsal footage. But the internet knows the truth! Anyway, shit happens, right? Women usually get photoshopped on magazine covers, so Olympic coverage can get photoshopped, too, right? But at least now with social media we get reports from the truth. Haha. Otherwise, we’d all be the wiser.

We are all gearing up for Valentine’s day, which in my house is called Valentino’s day (one of my cats) but we also celebrate with chocolate and sparkling wine (not for the cats). Plenty of it, all week long. Now, the only thing that I still feel compelled to make is a chocolate souffle. Awwwh….. fluffy, chocolately, with whipped cream, so worth it. Should stop watching the Food network.


Here, some fun links for the weekend if you don’t have great weather:


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