Friday, January 10, 2014

Kale on the go

Friday night. “Weekend!!? And also a dinner party tonight! This makes the transition from work week to weekend sweet. It feels like turning on the music and dancing and singing into the weekend. Not that my weekend will be without work, but the basic idea is still fun, time is under my control. Tomorrow into Sunday the weather will bring more rain and I wonder if there is any snow left after that. Winter reboot. To be honest, I am kind of down with winter by now. We had enough snow and show shoveling, enough cold and enough skiing. Spring, please! Next!

Today I was good and actually packed lunch. Sauteed a quarter onion with precooked quinoa, sliced almond, some salt and fresh grated nutmeg, added a dash of orange juice and a calamondia to the chopped kale and lunch to go was ready.



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