Monday, January 6, 2014

It is slushy weather

The weather is slightly koo-koo. While the midwest has record freezing temperatures it is in the 40Fs here in Maine after we had subzero temperatures for the last 3 weeks. 40s! For 1 day. With rain all day long. (at least all the trees are thawed out again).

I can’t quite count on the rain to clear the driveway entirely so I got on my rain boots and rain jacket (no down required today), and went about the driveway with an ice pick and a snow shovel. Hacked the slightly thawed 5 inch  ice layer apart and shovel the slushy to the side. Because, tonight we are back to temperatures in the 20Fs and who wants an ice rink as driveway? You have to act fast in this weather.

For moral support, I baked banana bread muffins. Right out of the box. With some rum extract. Delicious.


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