Saturday, January 25, 2014

Easing into the weekend

It is Saturday morning, the skies are gray, there are snow showers on the way, but I hope they won’t hamper the trip to the mall, and some working at Starbucks later. I wonder if GAP has any new clothes by now because the period between Christmas and the end of January is a fashionable deadzone. It is also time for the weekly grocery haul, filling up the fridge with veggies and fresh made mushroom ravioli. This week I was good with bringing my own lunch salads. Recently I bought this great stainless steel container which is lighter than a glass container but not containing the doubtful materials of plastic. More home made salads, here I come.

Saturday morning often starts out for me with tuning into the FoodNetwork. This morning it was definitely worth it because for some reason I must have missing the meteoric rise of Rocco Dispirito as celebrity chef, but when he explained how he brought his (Italian) mom’s meatball and spaghetti dish from 1100kcal to 310kcal with all kinds of flavor enhancing tricks that I did not know before (and had a hunch that they could work), I was sold. Or better, 2 of his cookbooks sold on Amazon: his original book Flavor which received a James Beard award in 2004, which I bought used for $0.88, and the “Eat this now! Italian dishes under 350kcal” also for a couple of bucks. As Italian guy I guess it is not surprising that he serves as serious eye candy, and once was voted sexiest chef alive by People magazine. A smart, hot, funny guy who can tell me something about cooking ?… a good start into the weekend.




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