Thursday, January 2, 2014


Baby, it’s coollllddddd outside, –15F (-24C). So cold that you skip eating out for dinner, because you don’t want to get into the cold car  twice. So cold, your nasal wings freeze shut when you take a breath, so cold that your fingertips hurt if you put on gloves you left in the car overnight. Shortly: way too cold. Feels like Siberia. Alaska? Greenland? Iceland?

After filling the woodstove to the brim with logs, the cats play-racing through the house, catching imaginary mice, to keep themselves (and me)  entertained and warm, I made a new salad --- an Asian spin on a cucumber salad. English cucumber, carrot, chickpeas and a marinade of rice vinegar, some sugar, soy sauce, grapeseed oil(tablespoon each) and a 1/2 ts roasted sesame oil.  Delicious!


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